"Tis but a part we see, and not a whole" - Alexander Pope


The Ceryneian Hind by BreeAnn Veenstra

I cleaned my bongs this morning - i can actually see the bud through the glass hahaha, & now i’m about to toke up :) Happy 420/Easter blaze it

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Coit tower walk


Childish Gambino feat. Problem “Sweatpants” (Music Video)

All In a Days Work //


Little lemon action 🍋✨💛

(via fearisdead)

So I’m in the park, listening to music, writing, chilling… And this dude comes up and asks why I’m alone.
I really hate that comment. As if I’m always supposed to be with someone, that it’s odd that I’m by myself. Ugh I get that he just wanted to chat. I just wish being solitary wasn’t perceived as so weird. People exhaust me and overwhelm me, I’m happiest when I’m alone. That’s just how I am. Judge me mothafuckaaas.

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